6 WordPress 5.3.2 Features that Benefit WordPress Developers

WordPress 5.2.3 features

Still, more than 40 percent of WordPress websites are created on WordPress version 5.0 or lesser version. The latest versions are released which provides strong security and best website performance. If you have not upgraded your WordPress version to 5.3.2, it means you are lacking with so many features that actually needed for best performance of your website.

The date of releasing WordPress 5.3 was November 12, 2019 and the date of releasing WordPress 5.3.2 was December 18, 2019. WordPress version 5.3 and 5.3.2 comes with high-quality features. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits and the features of using WordPress 5.3 and 5.3.2 that will benefit your businesses.

Introduction to WordPress version 5.3

The nickname of WordPress 5.3 is “Kirk”. This version is improved so that it provides high-level security and accessibility. It seems that WordPress version 5.3 has been downloaded more than 7 million times.

One default theme is set with the Kirk known as Twenty-Twenty. The theme is designed in such a way that it is fully functional and flexible at the same time. You get different options for layouts. Such as full alignment, wide selection, centered content column, etc.

Also, the theme has a default typeface called “Inter”. Inter is basically designing for a computer device to enhance the readability. The Inter is a mixture of lower case text and upper case text. This text was intended by the Rasmus Anderson. The Inter typeface is made available free of cost.

You will get a new feature of block editor. You can easily create group blocks with this version. The update of the block editor style is provided to the admin interface to improve the accessibility. Different color contrast is given for form fields, buttons, and a navigation mode.

The other major update of WordPress 5.3 is a large image handling feature. It supports large image sizes. If you are using the latest version of WordPress that means you are free to use high-resolution images or non-optimized images from your mobile phones. By default, the value of the threshold is set as 2,560 pixels but it can be modified to big_image_size_threshold filter.

The next feature of WordPress 5.3 is automatic image rotation. This means your multimedia content will be uploaded as per the orientation data. It will minimize the editing process.

New WordPress 5.3.2 features

Much more advancement is done in WordPress 5.3.2 that will be more beneficial for WordPress developers. Some are listed below

1. Email Verification setting

WordPress setting
The new WordPress of version says that it is very important to update and verify their admin email address. Because the email address you mentioned will be a medium where reset password notification and most essential messages will be sent.

By verifying your email address you will be sure that you will never miss any future notifications. Also if you ever locked out from your account you dont need to worry. With a valid email address, you will minimize the risk.

  • To update the email address
  • Go to settings
  • general settings
  • Administration email address

You will have to verify your email address if you are not using that specific email address for a long time. The default period of time is 6 months.

You can alter the interval time by admin_email_check_interval. The latest version of WordPress uses recovery_email_debug_info. This is done to provide the best information for debugging.

2. Password visibility toggling

Another feature updated in the latest version of WordPress is password visibility toggling. Now you can use this setting on desktop devices as well as on mobile phones. You can hide or show your official information on the WordPress login screen.

While logging or creating a password, you can make use of show options to minimize the chances of typos. In simple it means you dont have to lockouts or reset the passwords when you fail the login attempts.

Sometimes you require the feature to hide the password while typing. This feature will be very useful when you are working in a public place.

3. Site indexing options

site indexing
De-indexing will make sure that your content is set to be private until you are satisfied with the content to make it live. The functions work the same as discouraging search engines but have some additional options. In the previous function you where asked to select the checkbox for editing the robots.txt file. But Google has stopped to support this function.

4. Enhancement in site health reports

Site health report feature was present in WordPress 5.2 and in the latest version same feature is present. This feature will give the exact report of your website and its status. This is very useful in terms of functionality.

The report is provided by saying the website is “good” or “should be improved”. In the previous version, the system was using a scoring method which was confusing and vague for users.

The new version and experience the technical issues and made sure to resolve it.

5. Filter function for multiple websites

If you are looking to use multiple websites then WordPress version is best because it will make your work lessor. By using some function you can access multiple websites from the global context.

The website can be easily classified as spam, achieved, public with your network dashboard.

6. Consistency and support for PHP 7.4

The PHP version 7.4 was released on 28 November 2019. This PHP version has improved the functionality of the programming languages and the WordPress 5.3.2 features supports all features of PHP 7.4.

The latest WordPress 5.3.2 Features are released which is completely compatible with PHP 7.4.

You can upgrade your WordPress by clicking on Dashboard – updates and update Now

WordPress 5.3.2 is a short cycle maintenance release.
If your website is supported with the automatic background update that means your WordPress has started updating.

  • WordPress 5.3.2 features were released to resolve maintenance issues such as
  • Updates in date and time
  • Uploads a file with lower and upper case
  • Update in media files
  • Updates for colors
  • Update for different post types

WordPress 5.3.2 Features are the latest release of 2019 which comes with lots of features and enhancement which will benefit developers.