Force strong passwords on Users

Force Strong Password

Given the exponential increase in hacking attempts, with WordPress websites being some of the main targets it is time that business organizations and companies alike took a few additional steps to protect its users. If you have just set up your business website and have based it on WordPress, then there are a few additional steps that you can take to protect both your business as well as your users alike. You can get your customers to use strong password on your website. You can post a notification to that end but the WP comes with a tiny flaw, it cannot mandatorily force all users to use only strong passwords each time they choose to login, to edit or upload posts, to delete posts, etc. It is important that you utilize some of the strongest WordPress security plugins on your website but in addition, you may want to take additional measures such as force strong passwords on users. Do read the rest of the article to know how to force strong passwords on users.
• Understand the issue: When it comes to protecting your website, your data and key customer information, it is essential that you take all the measures you can to do so and that includes forcing strong passwords on your users. The fact is that WordPress by default encourages users to do so but strong passwords are not mandatory. They can still go ahead and set weak passwords such as “passwords 123”. The site would ask them to confirm use of the weak passwords and once confirmed, the user should be able to use the same to access key features of your website.
• Plugins: Given this, you may need to take up the security of your website up a notch. You can go ahead and install force strong words plugin. This plugin should force strong passwords on your users and should definitely go a long way to boosting the security of your website. In fact, anyone with admin privileges will be forced to use strong passwords. This is a free plugin and to that end, you can go ahead and set it up right away on your website. In fact, thanks to this plugin, anyone who manages user accounts would have to set up a strong password that would be nearly impossible to guess at or hack into. And by installing this plugin on your website, you can make your website a lot stronger.
• Installing the plugin: There are various plugins that you can use to force strong passwords on your user. The force strong passwords plugin is one such plugin and what’s more, it is free to use as well. So head back to the admin area, login using your credentials. Once you have logged in, head over to the admin area and check under plugins. Now click on “add new” and when the search bar opens up, type the name of the plugin that you want to install. Now, you can download the said plugin and install the same on your website. Post installation, you can activate the plugin and go ahead to configuring the same, so that it can give your website security a much needed boost.
• Configuring the plugin: Once you have installed the same on your website, you can set about configuring your strong password policies for all users with admin privileges. Now, head over to the settings page, and modify the rules governing passwords. By tweaking the same you can force your users to use strong passwords such as alpha numeric ones with one special character, either at the front or the end of the password. By using this plugin, you can force users to set passwords for a minimum length, to use both lower and upper case letters in the password, to also use numbers in the passwords along with either one or more than one special character. You can also use this plugin to set up a password expiration policy. Let’s say that a user registered for his account, and by deleting the said password in a given time frame, the user would have to register again for a new password.
• Features: in addition to increasing the security of your website, this handy plugin also comes with several features which you can utilize to help protect your website effectively.

  1. You can specify your exemption policies for this plugin. That is, it makes sense to get users with admin privileges to use strong passwords but little sense to get all your users to do the same. So you can tweak these exception policies to exempt certain uses such as contributors, subscribers, etc.
  2. Termination: You can also use this plugin to specify when a user’s session is terminated on password expiry. The said user can either register for a new account and password or subscribe all over again.
  3. Reset: You can also reset all the passwords used on your website with a single click. This is quite handy especially if your website has been hacked as it can allow you to regain control over your website, by resetting all the main passwords. Once you reset the password, an automatic email is dispatched immediately to all users to highlight the fact that their passwords have been reset and that they need to register for a new one.
    These is how you can force your users to use strong passwords. Keep in mind that a strong password is not an absolute guarantee that your website would not be hacked. Rather it is to help better protect your website from all malicious events and to help provide your users with a certain degree of security. This should help make it easier for you to better protect your information and key data and at the same time, provide all your customers with better security. It is always a good idea to always develop strong passwords for all the websites that you use, and not just for WordPress. And you can also alter and change the passwords every few days to ensure that you do not get hacked in.