Best Ways to Customize Your Own Lazy Loading for Websites

Lazy Loading is the method that is used to postpone the loading time of images or elements presented on the website. This is done for the elements or the images present below the fold. The main goal of lazy loading for websites is that when the user landed to your website, some elements require much time to get loaded, so lazy loading will postpone the time taking images and will displays the elements and images that loads first so that the user will keep scrolling your web pages. Actually lazy loading is very important in terms of website performance because it makes your visitors busy and gives a better user experience. By loading the images and elements on upper part,

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7 Things To Keep In Mind While Designing A Website

In today's world, we all uses the internet via mobile phones, tablets, and computers for performing some tasks or searching for our needs. The internet is taking us a world in an upward direction. We can say that the internet has become an essential need to do our daily tasks. Because most of our work is depended on the internet only. With the growing world and technologies, you will be enabled to get your business progress without creating a website. To get success, it is very much important to show your business online. If you want to enhance your business presence through the internet or the world, then the website is the only solution to your problems. Your business should

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10 Essential Features Your ‘Contact Us’ Page Should Have

In the early days, the website design was kept very simple so that the user can navigate easily to each and every page. We used to apply simple graphics and elements. In the same way, ‘Contact Us’ was having minimal features and designs. ‘Contact Us’ was integrated with phone number, email address, address and some links to other pages of a website. But now we style contact us page in different ways, for example, we make use of animations, bold graphics, slider image, maps integration and more. Furthermore, the ‘Contact Us’ page is a very integral part of a website. Therefore its the reason why the contact us page still exists on every website. A proper formatted ‘Contact Us’ page

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How Using Correct Fonts On Your Website Increases User Attention

Bills Gates had said some very logical statement that "Content is a king". And yes this statement is true. When we say about the customer or user experience the content should be much readable and conviction. The whole scenarios are about the typography and user experience so that visitors can understand the main motto of your content. Your content should make some sense. So how your content will be readable by the right people? However, you can find lots of tools and plugins that are available online that will help you to achieve your goal. Tools like SEO, sidebars, toolbar, navigation, social media platforms, etc. These tools are very much important. For example, fonts are very much helpful to display

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Psychology derived from UX Analytics used in Web Design

What does a UX designer really mean? The UX is an abbreviation of user experience. UX design is a small approach of creating a design in such a way that it will be informative and knowledgeable to the user. In short, the user should have a positive experience while using your services or products. The design should appeal to your thoughts. Its UX designer duty to focus more on usability, design, functionality, product and more. The main role of UX designers is to find out a way to attract more and more customers towards your business and encourage them to click on a button to navigate from one page to another. In order to fulfill user need you to have

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How Website Design and Content Working Together in WordPress

Website Design and Content

Nowadays, people are trying to adapt all the requirements gracefully. This is why the demand for website design is important in terms of an successful online business. Moreover, website design and content creators are getting the highest pay because the competition in the online market is increasing day to day life. While taking these two points into consideration i.e. website design and website content is the most essential part of any business website. But the question is from these two which is the most important for leading towards the success? If you try to focus both separately you will never get a result that you were expecting. Therefore if you want to be successful you need to focus on both

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12 Tips for Building an Effective Business Website With WordPress

building an effective business website

No business is successful these days without a good business website of their company working online efficiently and effectively. In this age of technology, having a website for your business is inevitable for success. Businessmen today are aware that they must have a website but somehow, they can't comprehend the process of building an effective business website. Having a website not effectively built can lead your online visitors to your shop or your phone but the true accomplishment of building a business website is in converting sales on the website itself. Building such a website is not easy and requires some expertise. Generally, a good website designer and developer can help you in building an effective business website. However, you

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What is Responsive E-Learning and Why Does it Matter?

responsive e-learning

Responsiveness in web designing has now been a tech buzzword for a few years. But by following your e-learning how is it important? And more importantly, what does it mean? To learn the application of responsive e-learning we must first go through ‘responsive’ in its actual web design context and only then consider why it matters and how it applies to e-learning? What is responsive design? Designing some content in a regular size paper is easy since all dimensions are fixed. But, if we are told to design the same content in different size papers it becomes a little tricky. With the mobile device explosion in the early 2000s, web designers faced the same challenges.  Without responsive design techniques, they had

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Top 5 Tips To Hire The Right Remote Front-end Developers

Tips To Hire Front-end Developers

Business needs and customer requirements are getting increasing and getting complex in day to day life. This is the biggest reason why all online businesses understood that they should hire the best front-end developer remotely. The developer you hire must be creative, skilled and must have good experience in the same field. The work of front-end developers is to structure flawless user interfaces that users can view the website and apps on every device. Plus front-end developers should meet your brand narrative. Considering the fact that every business person should know the tips to hire front-end Developers to create an amazing and perfect website. We have listed the top 5 extremities that will aid you to search for a remote

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How To Improve Your Mobile App User Experience

Improve Your Mobile App User Experience

If you look forward to make a app successful in the market than you must focus on mobile usability. When we discuss about the successful mobile app then remember mobile app user experience should be the most important factor in your strategy. If you have developed the app with the success of designing part then also you need to build a successful and effective experience for your customers. Some ways to enhance the Mobile App User Experience In the market, there are millions of a mobile app that users can access. Some Researches from Goldman Sachs & population Projection of the united nations proves that on the earth more than 14% of one thousand million people buy at least one

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HTML5 Advantages: Discovering the Pros and Cons

HTML5 advantages

HTML means a hypertext markup language that enables your document to display on the browsers. It also supports the different technologies such as CSS i.e. Cascading Style Sheet and Javascript. HTML5 is the 5th revised version of HTML standards and the latest version that supports advanced features, it is a one of the special HTML5 advantages. HTML5 provides a new feature that offers not only high support for media but also provides the support for building a website application that will interact with all internet users, user can easily interact with their local data and servers. HTML5 was created for a limited time but in recent years there are many people using its features and loving the experience. HTML5 is more appearing

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Force strong passwords on Users

Given the exponential increase in hacking attempts, with WordPress websites being some of the main targets it is time that business organizations and companies alike took a few additional steps to protect its users. If you have just set up your business website and have based it on WordPress, then there are a few additional steps that you can take to protect both your business as well as your users alike. You can get your customers to use strong password on your website. You can post a notification to that end but the WP comes with a tiny flaw, it cannot mandatorily force all users to use only strong passwords each time they choose to login, to edit or upload

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