How to Create a PayPal Donate Button for Your WordPress Site?

Countless donation plugins are available on the internet today, but still, the most efficacious and straightforward method to collect donations is to utilize the features of the PayPal donation button on your website. It does not matter whether your business setup is for small scale based or for the long term, small financial support will always take your business to your goals. Even with a very small donation from your visitors will assist you to manage your website and will provide you adequate motivation to build more informative, fresh, and quality content. It would be beneficial to your business if you add a donation button on your website if you are offering free services. Before checking how to create a

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How Website Design and Content Working Together in WordPress

Website Design and Content

Nowadays, people are trying to adapt all the requirements gracefully. This is why the demand for website design is important in terms of an successful online business. Moreover, website design and content creators are getting the highest pay because the competition in the online market is increasing day to day life. While taking these two points into consideration i.e. website design and website content is the most essential part of any business website. But the question is from these two which is the most important for leading towards the success? If you try to focus both separately you will never get a result that you were expecting. Therefore if you want to be successful you need to focus on both

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Why WordPress Security is Crucial for Your Website

WordPress Security

Any WordPress user always thinks about safety. It is important to remain updated in all the WordPress security measures to site protected from dangers and threats. When the website gains popularity they start to fall into the category that attracts higher WordPress security threats. Just think about an email which states an unauthorized login attempt, enough to give you sleepless night’s right? Since WordPress is an open source platform it is pretty much powerless against any form of attacks and threats. The website owners have the responsibility to keep the site protected. There are many simple ways that can protect the site from any exposure. Most popular among these solutions is the use of plugin designed for safety and WordPress

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Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Beginners

In this article I have discussed Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Beginners Probably by now you know that Facebook is the powerful and number one social media platform, which most people use. Initially Facebook started as a pure social media networking platform. Which help people connecting with their friends and families and even long-lost crush! With time it emerged as an effective medium for promoting marketing business and brands. Now Facebook has become an integral part of the marketing strategy of every business to generate leads and convert them into potential and loyal customers. With time Facebook is gaining importance and is becoming the most powerful marketing tool. Advantages for using Facebook as marketing platform With Facebook you will be

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Ways to Streamline Your Business Using Free WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a great place to start your online business store. WordPress is a highly desirable platform for creating or starting your e-commerce business. But it is not possible to attain success very easily despite that. A good understanding of website design as per your target audience and business goals is the utmost necessary in making your e-commerce WordPress website a success. WordPress provides a solution for that. In WordPress, there are thousands of plugins available to make it easy for you and your visitors to move through the website. And the best part is that these plugins are available on WordPress for free. So you can streamline your business easily with the help of these highly affordable plugins on

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5 Best WordPress Search Plugins to Improve Your Site Search

Without any doubt, we can say that WordPress is the best CMS available on the internet but still, there are facts that WordPress is not complete or perfect. There are some aspects where improvements are needed and one of the important aspects is the Search area. The default search functionality in WordPress works well but to some extent only. With some search scenario, this plugin does not work faster and do not display the desired results. Website visitors are unable to navigate properly with keywords. Thus this functionality does not provide support for custom fields, post types, and taxonomies. But you don’t need to worry if you love working with WordPress, because WordPress provides you extended functionality i.e. plugin integration

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Best 10 Content Marketing Tips for WordPress Blogs

When it comes to starting own blog, WordPress is the first choice for every user. Without a doubt, WordPress is one of the best content management system that will help your blog to grow faster in the search engines. Whether you are using a paid or unpaid version of WordPress, the blog and a website go perfect in Google and deliver you quality outputs.  When you are in internet marketing, content is the king of any website. The right content with useful information can boost the SEO of the website. But, there are few numbers of folks who are struggling to find out good content ideas that can give worth to them.   Sharing the best content is easy, but what

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Reasons to Update Your Content After the Website Migration

Website Migration is the fundamental change in the URL structure or domain name of a website. Website migration is sometimes truly beneficial for a site. However, there are several reasons why one must carefully consider before migrating their website. For example, website migration can highly affect your site's SEO ranking on different search engines. Once you have thoroughly analyzed if your website needs an urgent migration, you can go ahead with it. There will be several benefits like higher traffic and sales that you can reap through website migration. However, the job is not yet done after you have finished migrating your website. There are several things that you have to look after once you are done with website migration.

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How to Fix “The Page isn’t Redirecting Properly” Message?

Firefox is a publicly available and well-known web browser which has more than 250 million users all across the world. Indeed it has more users, it also has some kind of issues such as the page isn’t redirecting properly' which has been faced by so many users on a web browser. Sometimes it will also show the message like 'Firefox has noticed that your web server is reoriented the request for this address n such a way that it would never complete'. In this blog, we will learn about the error mentioned above plus we will give you some easiest solution or common fixes that will help you to deal with such issues plus you will be able to open

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7 Strategies to Drive The Right Traffic for More Conversions and Revenue

Strategies to drive the right traffic

In the world of online business websites, the most important job is to generate traffic on your website. The more the traffic is on your website, the more are the chances of conversion of sale of your product or services. However, it's not easy to get the right amount of targeted traffic on your website. This is because all of the online business sites in the world are trying to do the same. They are trying to get the highest SEO ranking in the results of search engines. The World Wide Web is saturated with an enormous amount of websites. Very few among those are able to win the SEO race and grab the eyeballs of the targeted users. A

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Payoneer Vs PayPal – Which is the Best Payment System?

Few years before sending and receiving money was very difficult and time-consuming. You were needed to visit your bank personally to transfer the money from one account to another. You had to mess with bank wire transfer that might charge you for the exchange of fees and rates. But nowadays sending or receiving money is possible in the easiest way because both the sender and receiver have an internet connection. Because of online payment services provided by Payoneer and PayPal, people can transfer money from any location anywhere. This process is very easy to use and it is very cost-effective means you can now make payment locally or internationally too. Some other digital payment services are Stripe, Skrill, Transferwise, and

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12 Tips for Building an Effective Business Website With WordPress

building an effective business website

No business is successful these days without a good business website of their company working online efficiently and effectively. In this age of technology, having a website for your business is inevitable for success. Businessmen today are aware that they must have a website but somehow, they can't comprehend the process of building an effective business website. Having a website not effectively built can lead your online visitors to your shop or your phone but the true accomplishment of building a business website is in converting sales on the website itself. Building such a website is not easy and requires some expertise. Generally, a good website designer and developer can help you in building an effective business website. However, you

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Marketing Fundamentals to Optimize Your Email Campaign

Marketing Fundamentals to Optimize Your Email Campaign

Email marketing doesn't seem to be shining so much these days since new ways of marketing has entered the market space. It is still a classic way to communicate with your consumers, spread information and advertise in a fraction of the cost of other advertising media. Email marketing is here to stay as long as the email communication system itself is relevant. Sales and information broadcasting is still effective with the traditional tool of email marketing campaigns. Although email marketing may seem on a slow decline in today's day and age, there are several tools and tricks to inspire email marketers to engage in email marketing fundamentals. Let's have a look at the important email marketing fundamentals through which email marketing

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7 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins for Adding Social Proof to a Website

If you want to showcase community proof to your customers on your WordPress website then going with testimonial plugins is the good solution. Social proofs are actually very important which help you to gain your customers trust, improve the online visibility and enhance the conversion rates. The support of testimonial plugins is very essential feature that every theme should be provided with. The plugins of testimonial should be nicely showcased your social proof, plus it should minimal design. The plugin should be very easy to integrate on website pages. Plugins should be able to embed using block or a shortcodes. Testimonial plugins should be provided with lots of features including sidebar widgets, sliders, standalone quotes, turn off testimonial and more.

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How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress

If ever you want to duplicate your website post or pages in WordPress you might have preceded with a traditional approach that is copying and pasting images and paragraphs in your browser tabs. But you also might have faced so many issues while doing this because it is a hectic schedule at the same time. This process of copying post and pages are ineffective at the same time it can be considered at the biggest mistake. Thankfully there are so many ways that can be used to copy your website pages or post much faster. The solution we provide will be helpful to get your task done easily and will satisfy all your requirements. Let us check those 5 easiest

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How to Create a Custom Page in WordPress

WordPress is one of the easiest CMS (content management systems) to use. With basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP, you can create custom web pages that look like no other. Like any other CMS, WordPress comes with its set of unique themes for page design. However, you do not have to settle for the stock themes and let your pages look like any other amateur WordPress site. There is a lot you can tweak to ensure your pages are unique to your business and only have the functionalities required. For instance, this article will show you how to remove the page post title. And there are plenty of others that can teach you just about anything. Change the sidebar location,

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Web Hosting vs Cloud Hosting: Why One Is Better For Your Business?

web hosting Vs cloud hosting

In this article we discuss about Web Hosting vs Cloud Hosting Every business is different, and to beef up the traffic and expansion of the same, you need to decide which kind of web hosting will you go for. Before everything gets too complicated to understand, you need to have the basic knowledge of web hosting vs cloud hosting. Whereas there are multiple hosting types that are available online, the two primary chunks fall under web and cloud hosting. However, both are for different kind of businesses which you will learn ahead. So, read carefully and let us know afterwards, which one would you be preferring. What Is Web Hosting? Web hosting services initiate the process to help store the

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What is Responsive E-Learning and Why Does it Matter?

responsive e-learning

Responsiveness in web designing has now been a tech buzzword for a few years. But by following your e-learning how is it important? And more importantly, what does it mean? To learn the application of responsive e-learning we must first go through ‘responsive’ in its actual web design context and only then consider why it matters and how it applies to e-learning? What is responsive design? Designing some content in a regular size paper is easy since all dimensions are fixed. But, if we are told to design the same content in different size papers it becomes a little tricky. With the mobile device explosion in the early 2000s, web designers faced the same challenges.  Without responsive design techniques, they had

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How To Uniquely Style Different Categories In WordPress

Uniquely Style Different Categories In WordPress

The whole idea of writing a blog on WordPress is to make it accessible to readers. There are a lot of efforts that are been made to make this reading interesting and attractive. Many of us have often come across a site that styles the reading content differently for different blogs. There are some of these sites that have sticky posts highlighted with custom background and there are others which show unique style of each of the blog category. All this is to create a blog that shows readers a creative difference; it is well known that similar styled content can become boring to read after some time. The styles of the blog make the same content look fresh and

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10 Things We Need to See From WordPress Page Builder in 2020

WordPress Page Builders in 2018

There are many who still look at WordPress page builder as they are something that creates problems. The truth is that the creators are still working a lot on creating something that will help the users. It is easy to use as one can drag the widgets from the side panel and drop them on the page to see how it looks. It goes from basics to advance and the users have a wide choice. One can work on the builder directly from the live site or there is admin area which can be used to create the site. It is a fact that WordPress page builder comes with certain benefits. The WordPress page builder are either cheaper or most

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How to Fix Leverage Browser Caching in WordPress Website

Does your website load slowly? Website speed is the most important factor that should be considered for a better user experience. The time taken by your server to get the load requested page will decide your user will stay on your website or will decide it leave. Page loading time is actually depending on so many factors and one of the biggest factors is browser caching. If you go through any page speed analytics tools you might have come across the tip that suggests you focus on browser caching for improving your website speed. In this post, we will discuss browser caching and how it can be used to enhance your website performance. Plus we will check out some different

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15 Best Free WordPress PayPal Plugins for Websites 2020


Online shopping has radically changed our way of shopping and changed our lives, no one can even dare to debate on that. Suppose if you own a website then you must be thinking of to monetize your website. But it is not that much easy as it sounds, you need some secure payment gateways to complete the procedure. Paypal is one of the most popular and secure payment gateway with many buyers around the world. If you have a WordPress website then there are plenty of WordPress PayPal plugins that can even make the entire process simple and hustle free. Here 15 top ranking PayPal plugins for WordPress are discussed WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart Download This is one of the lightweight and responsive PayPal

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5 Checkout Best Simple & Clean WordPress Themes 2020

clean wordpress themes

Before discussing the Clean WordPress themes you need to know why you should use themes. Themes are used to catch attention from your audiences but unfortunately, all the themes are not clean enough. Themes with gorgeous colors and elements are often not the right choice or you. If you want simplicity purposefully then clean themes are the right choice for you. Gorgeous themes often distract your audiences from focusing on your web content. But Clean WordPress themes remove distracting elements from your website and put the main focus on the web content. In the following compilation, top 5 Clean WordPress themes are discussed Luxury Watch Pro Download Luxury Watch Pro is considered to be one of the Clean WordPress themes that are designed or coded for

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Hidden Features of WordPress Media Library Only Power Users Know

features of WordPress media library

Most of the WordPress users have a common idea that WordPress media library is only to store media files. The article is discuss about Hidden Features of WordPress Media Library. Media library in WordPress works as a powerful tool to manage every single media file uploaded to your website whether it is published or not. If you are a regular user of WordPress then you may have control over every element of your website. However, that is not enough you just need to gather more information or knowledge about WordPress media library to access all the functionalities of the media library. Besides, some hidden features of WordPress media library can give you a better user experience at ease. Several plug-ins can be combined with

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7 Marketing Strategies For Mobile App To Make App Popular

marketing strategies for mobile app

The main reason for creating an app may be to promote your business in the online market. Or it can be a very important strategy for your business to get user information for creating an effective marketing strategy. There may be different reasons behind the app creation but the main focal point is to get profit to generate more sales. This means that you require effective marketing strategies for mobile app. You can't neglect the opportunity to promote the app. So you will require to understand your the mobile market first. The finest tricks and marketing strategies for mobile app are given below that will assist you to acquire targeted user traffic. Marketing Strategies For Mobile App 1. Research about

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Top 5 Tips To Hire The Right Remote Front-end Developers

Tips To Hire Front-end Developers

Business needs and customer requirements are getting increasing and getting complex in day to day life. This is the biggest reason why all online businesses understood that they should hire the best front-end developer remotely. The developer you hire must be creative, skilled and must have good experience in the same field. The work of front-end developers is to structure flawless user interfaces that users can view the website and apps on every device. Plus front-end developers should meet your brand narrative. Considering the fact that every business person should know the tips to hire front-end Developers to create an amazing and perfect website. We have listed the top 5 extremities that will aid you to search for a remote

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How to Bulk Upload Files to WordPress Media Library Using FTP

Bulk Upload Files to WordPress Media Library Using FTP

In 2019, everything is touched by technology. Highly laborious or even certain cerebral tasks are now simplified with the help of technology and thus mechanical and tedious tasks are not a vocational preference for many. However, it’s not quite the time for the genie to be out of the bottle as today’s Artificial Intelligence is still in the training period and won’t grant all your wishes in just one click. One such tedious task which man still has to go through is to bulk upload files to WordPress Media Library at once. It may sound comical but the monotonous and tiresome task of dragging and dropping every single file on the WordPress Dashboard in order to get them into your

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7 Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Setting Up a WordPress Site

While creating a website in WordPress try to make sure not to repeat mistakes that can take you and your website in future trouble. Setting up a website in WordPress platform is very easy. But creating a website does not mean that you just have to install WordPress, integrate WordPress themes and plugins, publish posts and pages, etc. Configuring websites means it comes with so many tasks that need to be taken carefully. While creating a website you forget to do some important task. The main motto of this blog is to focus on the most crucial points that you should never miss. At the beginning of our website creation, blogger does so many mistakes which can harm your website

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How To Improve Your Mobile App User Experience

Improve Your Mobile App User Experience

If you look forward to make a app successful in the market than you must focus on mobile usability. When we discuss about the successful mobile app then remember mobile app user experience should be the most important factor in your strategy. If you have developed the app with the success of designing part then also you need to build a successful and effective experience for your customers. Some ways to enhance the Mobile App User Experience In the market, there are millions of a mobile app that users can access. Some Researches from Goldman Sachs & population Projection of the united nations proves that on the earth more than 14% of one thousand million people buy at least one

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10 Steps to Remove Malware from Your WordPress Site

Steps to Remove Malware from Your WordPress Site

Cleaning a malware from hacked site is not an easy task. Once your WordPress website gets hacked becomes the most difficult to remove. Because the cleaning process is time-consuming and expensive but it depends on the type of hackers. Sometimes cleaning process may also lose your data. But now Google assures you to give 30 days free review trial to get your WordPress website clean and free from Malware functions. Some of the organizations provide professional services to clean your site effectively without losing any data. Some professional hackers have done research on website security and vulnerabilities. Steps to remove Malware from WordPress website are mentioned below that you can perform by yourself Method 1: Take the backup of your

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